Apply for Representation with SASS Management

You can apply to be represented by SASS Management.

To get the application process started, please complete our online contact form.

You will need to upload a photo with your application.

Supported file formats are .jpg and .png. No .gif and no .bmp files please.

The maximum filesize is 4MB.

We strongly recommend that you send an 8 x 10 portrait image as ensure it is a high quality head shot if possible.

This photo will be the face of your profile that is sent to clients so make sure you look your best.

Once you have a profile setup and an agent is assigned, you will be able to send more photos but for now, just start with the main one.

You can drag and drop your photo into the space below or you can click browse and find the photo you want to upload.

Drag and Drop File Here Browse

The button to submit the form will appear once you have completed all the required info.

Looks like you are all set. Maybe just do a quick review of your info and then submit your application.

If you are missing anything we will tell you and you can fix it up and try again.