Who are SASS Management?

SASS Management are a national talent agency specialising in Acting, Modelling, Promotions and Extra Work. SASS Management is one of Australia’s most reputable agencies and has been servicing talent for 15 years.

Who do we represent?


Actors: Film, Television, Corporate & Promotional Videos, Touring Shows and Theatre.

Models: Print & Photographic, Catwalk, Campaigns, International Placements

Performers: Dancers, Singers, Aerialists, Comics and Character Artists, Specialty Acts.

Presenters: Film, Television, Corporate & Promotional Video, Online Media, Live Events.

Voices: Voice Over artists, Radio Announcers



Commercial Talent: Commercial artists, for Television Commercials, Print and online.

Children: Children and young performers between 8 - 16 years of age

Extras: Film, Television, TV Commercials, Music Video.

Unique Talent: Unique talent who are physically unique or have unique skill-sets



Promotional Staff: Corporate & Event Promotions Interactive Marketing Campaigns.

Promotional Models: Corporate Golf Days, Racing Carnivals

Character Promotions: Roving Characters and Performers

MC's and Announcers: Event hosts, spruikers and public speakers.





Brand Ambassadors

Gifting & Product Giveaways & Competitions

What type of work is available?

Work in the industry varies and depends on the time of year and the activity in the industry. As agents we receive casting briefs from clients and match our talent to roles or jobs that suit them. The more versatile your look and talents, the more work you can effectively be put forward for.

How can SASS Management help me?

SASS Management work extremely hard to find and put you forward for jobs and roles that match your looks, talent, skills, and availability. The casting industry is a demanding and fast paced business, which is why we set our talent up with professional online profiles that display headshots and portfolios, resumes, skills and video/audio reels. This allows us to submit our models actors and artists, for work quickly and effectively, whilst showing off your talents in the best way possible.

Aside from submitting you for castings, a professional agent like SASS Management also handle and negotiate performers contracts, speak to producers and casting directors on your behalf and keep you up to date with industry happenings.

An agent's income is commission-based meaning we earn when you earn. It therefore makes sense for us to ensure that our talent have the right tools and information they require to successfully land castings and book jobs.

Will I get work?

Given the ever-changing nature of the industry no agent can guarantee you work. However at SASS Management we have implemented effective strategies designed to increase the amount of work and exposure available to our talent. 

SASS Management is a pro-active agency that prides itself on its many connections with casting directors, film producers and industry professionals. Our national database of talent allows us to receive work and casting briefs from around Australia and submit quality talent for suitable jobs or roles.

Can I make a career in the industry?

There are many people who have made successful full-time careers in the entertainment industry. Even the most famous actors and models were once regular people just like you who decided to follow their passion. Directors, producers and industry professionals are always looking for talented actors for films, interesting models to show off products or new commercial faces to launch their advertising or corporate campaigns.

For some people a career in the industry is a fulltime gig. However, the reality is that most actors or models end up working part-time or have several jobs – juggling their performance/modelling career with other work or study. Others find work in related industries or on the other side of the camera, so they can stay in the loop with what's happening in the field. For some acting, modelling, or extra work can just be a hobby or fun way to earn additional income.


How do I get started?

Aside from choosing an effective agent to represent you, success in the industry depends on several things:



While Hollywood actors and models are portrayed as being gorgeous and glamorous, the reality is that only a select few are picture perfect. Having an interesting look or personality is also very crucial to making a career in the industry and you might notice that many of the world's hardest working talent in TV, movies and on stage are regular looking people who are dedicated to their craft.



No matter how many connections you make, without talent you can only go so far.

Taking regular workshops, classes, and courses, improving your skills and staying fit and healthy will increase your confidence and ability, build up your resume and lead to you getting more castings and jobs.



Setting goals and remaining committed to see them realised is very important to being successful in the industry. Being proactive about your career and learning more about your field will help you to find new ways to motivate yourself in the downtime between acting or modelling jobs.



The entertainment industry is very competitive. It is therefore very important for you to market yourself effectively. Making the right connections and having the right tools (Professional Photos, Resume and Portfolio or Showreel) is crucial to getting noticed and recognised as a professional who is serious about their career or passion.


The next BIG step…

If you have talent and a passion for acting, modelling or performance, SASS Management would love to hear from you.