Experiential Marketing Agency in Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast

Experiential marketing is a form of event or installation marketing that, as the name suggests, provides a unique experience to consumers. The aim is to get the brand noticed via direct marketing that is fresh and innovative, and to get consumers engaged logically and emotionally. Unlike traditional product demonstrations or giveaways, experiential campaigns showcase products and services in a way they wouldn't normally be used or seen. Examples include interactive public installations, flashmobs and other performance works, interactive fashion shows and more.

For brands whose usual marketing and advertising methods aren't working, the services of an experiential marketing agency can revolutionise their marketing ROI. Aside from the brand-boosting benefits, experiential marketing campaigns are an opportunity to introduce brand new product lines with a bang, creating a strong image from the time they're launched and ensuring they stand out from competitors. In contrast to traditional marketing and promotional platforms, experiential campaigns naturally generate a much higher level of secondary coverage. This means that when you invest in a campaign, you may be able to attract free press and social media coverage, as commentators document and analyse the user experience.

If your organisation is looking for a national experiential agency with a wealth of campaign ideas waiting to be tapped, speak to Sass Management. As a premier experiential agency for Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast, our experienced campaign managers and broad pool of promotional talent have executed a variety of experiential campaigns and can do the same for you.

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